Friday, 22 March 2013


Brrrrrr.....its cold outside!!!
We've got to the end of March , but it sure doesn't feel like spring yet here in the UK!!
With grey Skies and freezing temperatures, its a miracle that the flowers and trees seem to faithfully follow the seasons and ignore the weather to start blooming.....

So I decided to bring some of these miracles indoors, to remind me that spring really is on its way!
 These beautiful white cherry tree flowered twigs make easy and pretty displays all over the house
 The Russian doll actually came from Russia with love:  It was a gift from my husband . He brought it back after having been to Moscow with work.
 The bell jar is from TKmaxx, the white parrot-on-a-branch candle holder(inside bell jar) is from Zara home and the Chinese figure  found me :I kept seeing it on various antique centres and stalls , and decided it was meant to come home with me.
So take some garden clippers out into the cold and go searching for signs of spring to bring indoors!
Just make sure you wrap up warm!!



My name is June and I decided to start blogging, not to show off my perfect life, but rather to document my pursuit of it.
Now, having said that: "life is a journey, not a destination", so I want this blog to help me ...and hopefully anyone reading it, enjoy all those little moments and things that make up a life!!
I 'll be posting about family life, as we settle in in our "newish" home here in Hertfordshire, the things that make me smile, and my journey as a mother, as well as my DIY PROJECTS...the little things I do to make our house a home.
I plan to post A PROJECT A WEEK, upcycling old furniture, finding new uses for unused things or making things, useful or just pretty, to enhance our home and life!!
I hope to inspire, not just you,the reader, but mostly myself!!!

It may take me some time to get the hang of blogging, but I hope that by putting my life journal out there like this, will spur me into watch this space!!