Friday, 6 June 2014

Simplify your decoration with Stylizimo...a site packed full of style

...A site packed full of style!

Image from housedoctor via stylizimo


I love it when I find new inspiration online, an I just had to tell you about this "new2 site I've found, that is just packed full of interior inspiration....but also, so much more than that!

If you, like me, love Scandinavian interiors, you will LOVE Stylizimo!
Much like pinterest, stylizimo is a visual discovery tool, where you can easily organise your visual inspiration in style lists....but  that's where the similarities end: Stylisimo is totally dedicated to interior design, mostly with that cool Scandinavian vibe, and there is 1000's of photo's and blogs for you to find inspiration from!! Making it a fairground of stylish interior blogs, trendsetting influencers and gorgeous interior design!! 
Love this IKEA hack desk and work space by Camille Styles, found via Stylizimo.

I have been spending far too much time finding all these amazingly, inspiring new blogs to follow through stylizimo if you want to discover some seriously stylish new blogs, I can thoroughly recommend Stylizimo's blog directory!
But more than that, Stylizimo also lets you find products for your home from online interior design shops, from furniture and accessories to wallpaper and art, all a click away from being redirected to the shop to make your purchase....easy (if you've got the money!!)

As you may have noticed, this post has a bit of a "workspace" theme to it....that's because I'm thinking of creating a space in the loft for Little Miss Moo to do her homework at...
So, I've put together this collage from the Stylizimo "shop" section with items I would love (if I win the lottery...but dreaming is allowed!!) for our future Work space:

Stylizimo lets you search their online shop directory in several ways: through their product guides, Room categories or theme and style. Making it very easy to put together looks that will work for your home!

 Sign up to join the Stylizimo interior universe's free, and its easy: Simply click on the sign up button in the top, right corner, and sign up with facebook or twitter: No passwords to remember!!
You will create a profile and can put together as many style-lists as you like!
See my stylizimo profile to see what I mean!

Stylizimo promotes sharing your inspiration with others, so let others be inspired by you and share photo's of your home, your thoughts on interior design and ideas!
You can even get a Keep it on stylizimo button for your bookmarks bar on your desk top, making it easy to share any photo's or inspiration you find on the web...(or if you are a blogger, like me: from your blog) The button will automatically link back to the website where you found the image (making crediting where credits due a doddle!)

Image of founder,Nina Holst's office space via her stylizimo blog....another part of the stylizimo universe!!
Stylizimo's interior design universe is very blog friendly, and it also has its own blog...well worth checking out: The stylizimo blog is run by its Norwegian founder, Nina Holst, who is a whirlwind of inspiration with a glowing passion for interior design!
I really hope that you will check out stylizimo!
It really does live up to its tag-line as an online portal to everything interior, a collection of inspiration, blogs, products and shops....all in the same place! And that YOU can use and contribute to!! A design voice!!
I am in Norway at the moment, and hope to gather some nice and inspirational pics of Scandinavian interiors to share with you all! Watch this space!

Monday, 2 June 2014

A little thank you, from me to you...Free "geometric blossom" poster printable


...Free "Geometric blossom" poster printable.

I would like to thank you all for the overwhelming  support you've all shown me by nominating me for the Cosmopolitan blog awards...(now I've just got to wait and see if I make it on to their shortlist! I will of course keep you posted!) So I've made up this "geometric blossom" poster for you all to download for free!

Simply click download here, and you will be redirected to my dropbox account, then click on the download button at the top, save to your computer and print!
The poster is A4 size...try printing on textured paper: that looks great!!

Also, I wanted to thank you for your patience whilst I deal with some "real life" challenges at the moment...I know my posts have been sporadic recently, but I promise: I've got some good ones coming up!!
Tomorrow I am off to Norway for an impromptu break, and will be trawling the streets of my hometown, Bergen, for some Scandinavian interior inspiration to share with you all!

Thank you for the love!
Much appreciated!