Friday, 12 June 2015

Win an Eames ESW style chair!

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I am happy to announce that in collaboration with the wonderful people over at Chair furniture, I am today hosting a giveaway of one of the most iconic chairs of our times:
The Eames ESW chair!
Details of how to enter this competition  further down the post!

Image from houtmerk

Originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames',the ESW chair, along with their DAW Chair revolutionized furniture in the 1950s with its unique style and grace. Taking advantage of  the development of new technologies and materials developed during World war 2, and The Eames' pioneered  the use of plywood and fibreglass in furniture design, and the DAW was one of the first  industrially produced plastic chairs in the world.
 The seat follows the shape of the body to make it more comfortable and the wooden legs are strengthened with steel. Elegant, comfortable and strong,this chair has over the years won a place among the most iconic pieces of furniture created in modern times!

Image from only deco love

It is even so famous that there has been made posters of it!!
Head to Only Deco Love to download the printable poster, pictured above for FREE!
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The continued popularity of mid Century modern design, is a testament to the quality and creative thinking behind the 1950's movement that the Eames's was spear heading.

And along with designs from their peers, such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner and Jean Prouve, the Eames plastic chairs are now firmly placed in hall of fame of modern design...

Now A staple in most Scandinavian interiors, the timeless design fits in any settings...
Image from S F girl by bay
In offices and creative workshops....Seen here, above, in the earlier offices of S F Girl by Bay's creative studio, in colored fiberglass with Eiffel style steel legs....

Image from The Urbnite

Or here in a black shell with wooden, steel reinforced legs....

In a more oldy-worldy setting around an antique dining table....they don't look out of place, but adds another dimension to the interior by juxtaposing with the rest of the decor...

Image from nordic days

Or in more modern and stark surroundings, in it's most classic, plain white option, above.
Image Via My Paradissi

UK based company Chair furniture specializes in quality replicas of iconic furniture, like the ESW, for a fraction of the prize of an original.....

....making iconic design affordable to the general public, and not just the wealthy elite....
Building on the ethos of the original design movement of the Eames' and their peers, to make great design accessible for all....

Chair Furniture stocks these iconic chairs in a wide variety of colors and finishes...

And all you have to do to win one is,
 like their Facebook page
then visit their site and choose your favorite chair...
Then comment on their Facebook page, or mine, or below, on this blogpost which chair you would like to win...

This competition is open to anyone living in Europe, except Switzerland (Sorry;) and will be running for 3 weeks. The winner will be dawn at random and announced on the 3rd July here at Nostalgiecat.

Image from Design o form

So, just to recap those competition rules:  
To get your hands on a piece of iconic design for your home, head over to the Chair furniture facebook page, click like and leave a comment mentioning your favorite chair from their website, either there or below here on this blogpost....

Good luck!

You can read more about the Eames' revolutionary designs here and in my post about the Eames RAR rocker....and if you are unsure of acquiring a replica of a design classic as opposed to the real thing, you may find this post by my blogger friend Kimberley Duran interesting!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

DIY poster hanger

In my last post I sowed you how you can make your own graphic poster for your walls... I am sharing how I made the simple wooden poster frames!
These types of "clamp on" poster frames are really practical if you like to change out your art frequently, and they also take up next to no space when storing.
Save some money and make your's easy!
You will need:
Wooden bead moulding , like this 
3mm brass screws and nuts x6
3mm brass washers x6
Small brass screw eyes x2
Brass chain
Wood saw
Screw driver
A drill and drill bits (3mm and 7/8mm...or however big your screws and nuts are)
Araldite glue or other super-strong adhesive
Fine grit sandpaper
Cut the wooden beading to size. You'll need two lengths at the top AND bottom of your poster, so 4 equal lengths all together.
Pair up the lengths and tape them tightly together.
One pair for the top, and one pair for the bottom of your poster frame.

Use the ruler and pencil to mark out 6 equally spaced points on each pair of the wooden beading's.
Use the smallest drill bit to drill through on each spot.
By pairing up the beading and taping together before drilling, you ensure the holes will match up on the wood.

Undo the tape and separate the beading. Put the top beading to the side for now!

Now use the larger drill bit to make the holes on the bottom beading big enough to countersink the nuts. Take care not to drill all the way through.

Mix up some Araldite, and glue the nuts into the wooden beading.

Then place the top beading on top and screw the two wooden moldings together whilst the glue is still setting.

Repeat this process for the bottom half of your poster frame as well.

Whilst you are waiting for the glue to harden, use the smaller drill-bit to drill a hole on the topside at each end of the top of the "frame", and attach the screw eyes:

Use some fine grit sandpaper to gently remove any pencil marks and small splinters caused by drilling and cutting the wood.

Cut the chain to length and attach to the screw eyes.
Unscrew the frames and place the washers on the front before reassembling the frame onto the poster...

Place the poster between the wooden beading and tighten the screws to secure...

....then hang your poster!

The bottom half of the poster frame will help weigh the poster down , ensuring it will hang straight!

You can find my DIY graphic poster tutorial HERE.

I am not quite done with the art theme around here yet....bu I am going larger than ever with my next project....all shall be revealed soon!
But do pop around on Saturday, as I am hosting a fantastic don't want to miss it!!

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