Thursday, 28 May 2015

The art of displaying art III

The power of one:
Go big and bold!
Image via home life

A great piece of art can always bring an interior together in a way that no other element of your decor brings personality and confidence as well as beauty!
And for maximum impact, make it big!
It doesn't matter if your home is small or large: Displaying a single, huge piece of well chosen art gives the impression of an intentional, well designed space!
Grand and bold art doesn't just belong in mansions, in fact, when positioned well it can make a small space seem larger and make a large space seem cozy!
Image from bolig magasinet
So, this is round 3 of my series of posts exploring how to display art in our homes! Previously I've talked about a fresh new take on the traditional gallery wall HERE, and in my last post I investigated the benefits of casually displaying your art by leaning and layering it up against the wall...

And in this post I am investigating the power of displaying One piece of huge art in your home....

Image via Pinterest
Big artwork creates a big statement!
It is the ultimate personal home will make your interior come off as both confident and individual!
Whether it is an abstract or figurative painting, a graphic poster or a haunting photograph, it infuses your home with flair and adds interest and a focal point to any room...Benefits from owning an oversized piece of art are that it can define a room, start conversations and simply wow people due to shear size! Choose a piece of art you are confident about, that speaks to you, or has special meaning.

Image found on Elle decor

 Oversized art commands attention from visitors when placed in the right manner.  
 Be smart and confident when choosing wall art, and its location in your home and a dramatically sized piece of art can be the element that will bring your interiors together...

Image from S F girl by bay

Embrace the drama of a oversized art and place it somewhere in your home that will make it the focus of is a great way to fill a big empty wall space...

Image via Honestly WTF

Play with the proportions of the art relating to your furniture and the architectural elements of your home. As mentioned in my previous post, considering the negative space and layering your interiors will help create a balanced look.

Image from Nuevo estilo
If you a have particularly large wall space to fill (lucky you), big art is sometimes not big enough! If your artwork looks a bit too small for the space, a trick is to hang it a few inches off center, so that the negative space next to it becomes "part of the image"...

Image from Elle decor Espana

Displaying over-sized or big art in unusual places will add to the personal flair the art will bring to your interiors.. And an asymmetrical arrangement is just the thing to add a little more life to the room.

Image from Nordic Design
Consider the relation ship between the artwork and the furnishings in a room when hanging it, making it part of the interior.Try hanging a piece quite low in the space, next to a big piece of furniture: the low placement will make sense by giving the art a relationship with the furnishings in the room. Experiment by leaning big art from the floor and live with it for a while!

Image from Beazly home
Also layering your furniture and decor in slightly front of your art will make the art appear more integral to the interior...

Image from jelanie shop

Also consider placing big art in places where it can be seen from other rooms, through doorways.
This will create a focal point that will draw the eyes to the furthest spot of your space, making it seem larger...

Image via Femina

...and adding an intrigue to your space, inviting visitors to explore the space.
Image via La belle vie
...And of course leaning huge artwork will add a more casual you may find that the piece you tried out in the spot next to the sofa by leaning it casually against the wall, doesn't need hanging at all....

Image from Femina

As mentioned in my previous post about leaning and layering art, this is a casual approach to displaying art that has the benefits of coming across as very relaxed but also by bringing the art closer to the people in the space making it seem like the art is not just part of the interiors but also the homeowners lives!

Image from Love Warriors

And of course, with a huge , heavy piece of art, leaning it against the wall, either from a sideboard or mantel, or simply from the floor, will save you the job of working out how to hang it!

Image from Nostalgiecat

Investing in a huge piece of art you love can be worthwhile, but there is no denying that not all of us can afford to.
But art can be so many different things, and there are loads of alternatives that work really well!

You can make your own, and there are lots of ways to do this,like my DIY tribal wall rug, pictured above. And I will explore more ways of making big artwork in my next few posts...
You don't need a degree in art to do this: By making art big, it doesn't have to be too detailed or perfect, it is more about the colors and expression, especially if you go abstract!

Image from Urban Outfitters
Other budget friendly options are posters, big maps or using textiles to add a huge artful statement to your walls: Try hanging rugs, like I explored in this post.....
Image from Domino

Or cover a wall with  a colorful piece of fabric you love, or a colorful painted, un-stretched canvas for maximum impact on a budget! Using textiles or wall hangings will also have the added benefit of adding some texture to your walls...

Image from Mr Perswall

Another creative way to add some artistic flair to your walls on a large scale, is to use some artistic wallpaper...
Obviously this is a big investment, and a more permanent one at that....

Image from Mr Perswall

It is probably the biggest commitment to displaying art you love in your home you could choose, making it a very confident statement!
This is a fairly new-ish trend, but it is fast becoming a more readily available option and  there are an increasing array of designs to choose from: you can even get your own photos and designs made into wall paper...(Sites like wallpapered offer this service)

Image from wallpapered

I love the simplicity of displaying just one , huge piece of art adds to your I love that it makes such a big statement and its ability to pull the interiors together!
I think displaying oversized art in our homes is a rising trend that is here to stay, because people are getting more and more confident in their interiors and want to inject some personality to their living spaces!

What do you think?
Is big beautiful?
Are you ready to commit to making this kind of statement in your home using art?

Sunday, 24 May 2015

The art of displaying art II

Layering and leaning art
Image via home edit
Whatever your tastes, displaying art in your home is a great way to express your personality in your interiors! Big art, small art, it doesn’t matter, as long as it makes an interesting impact and puts a smile on your face.
In my last post I explored the way the traditional gallery wall is evolving into a fresh and modern way to display art....a little less structured and a little more unexpected than before...
Building on from this I want to talk about an even more relaxed way to display your favorite pieces today:
Leaning and layering Art!

Pablo Picasso in his studio, Image found on  Pinterest
This casual way to display art in your home is reminiscent of the artist studio, where works-in-progress are strewn across the space and leaned up against the walls...
It adds a bohemian feel to your home and the apparent chaotic randomness of the display will make your interior seem less conceived....and more confident!

Living with art is to make it part of the way we interact in our personal space.  Leaning art brings it close: We can study it, pick it up and touch it, live with it in ways we can’t do when it’s nailed to a wall.

Image via pinterest
An eclectic collection of art looks great leaned up against the walls, from the floor or from shelves and furniture...

Image via domestic bliss
And it's a great way to make your art part of the interior in a way that just hanging your art can't.

Image via Lonny
Of course, we are not all blessed with large curated collections of pieces of art, or big living spaces that lends themselves to that "artist-studio" look...

Image via The pursuit aesthetic
But there are ways to incorporate some of this casual-ness into your interior without the need for easels and paint-splattered floor...or spending copious amounts on expensive artwork.

Image from Apartment therapy

Leaning art casually against the wall from sideboards and credenzas, is a great way to achieve this look...
Image via Design sponge
...And of course, if you are renting and hanging art is not an option.or maybe you suffer from "hole-in-the-wall phobia".....this is an ideal way to add some personality into your home with art without getting the power tools out!

Image via Apartment therapy
Family photo's , posters , postcards , children's drawings or DIY artwork are inexpensive and will all look amazing , framed or unframed, when coupled with a few great pieces in this apparently random manner, and mixing medias and types of art will add an eclectic flair to the display. 

And because you are free to move your art around as you please, it will also be easier to change out your art whenever you feel like it, meaning you can add and take away from the collection over time. This in turn means that you can curate art you love as your tastes and budgets change, without spending ages contemplating where to hang it!

Image via style-files
A big part of getting this look right is getting to grips with layering your artwork:

Much in the same way as when creating a gallery wall, considering the size , shape and colors of your artwork is important to create a successful composition...
 Cluster art in different frames, canvases and colors you want a bohemian look or in similar frames with a limited color palette if you want a more sleek look....Mix sizes and layer different heights.

Image via Nordic Bliss,Styling by Pella Hedeby

In the above image, one of my favorite stylists, Pella Hedeby , has artfully layered posters, photos and framed art on the wall ....all in a monochrome color palette, and accompanied by leaning a framed print xx against the wall on the floor next to the bed, and again in front of it...

This makes the art part of the simple furnishings and the overall expression of the interiors....she has also used books to further layer the decor and emphasize the casual feel of this room...

Image from Home life
By combining leaning artwork against wall hung artwork, you can create an interesting display, adding a touch of mystery, as you're partially obscuring the piece behind...

Image via Coco Kelly
Obscuring a beautiful piece of art may seem wasteful, but it will add a sense of intrigue, and make your guests curious to explore more of your interior...

Creating artfully leaning vignettes as a backdrop to displaying items of interest , collections , curiosity's and home accessories lets the artwork connect to the other objects in your vignette,sitting on the same surface in a more meaningful way.

Image from The Nordic Bliss
Create intriguing spots of interest by layering art and objects together.

Leaning art together on shelves is visually appealing.... especially if the artwork is similarly  sized and styled, it will give the same visual expression as an artfully created gallery wall, with the benefit of enabling you to rearrange the art display on the shelves, interspersed with accessories to fit your mood or the seasons. This will help create a casual, but sophisticated look.

Image via Analog/Dialog
Of course I cannot talk about leaning art in the home without mentioning the IKEA Ribba picture ledge...

Image via At dusk
As much as I am sure that there was people leaning and layering art in their homes before the Ribba picture ledge became available, there is no doubt that their existence has aided the popularity of this way of displaying art in our homes...

Image via The design chaser
It has enabled us all to embrace the interchangeable art display in a way that most people would not have considered before...

Image from Emma's design blog

...making full use of the wall space available to us!
Add a few pieces leaning casually on the floor as well,like above, and you've nailed it!!
Image via SF girl by bay
Leaning art in unexpected places adds to the appealing intrigue of the interior.....And making use of the floor-space along a wall lets you play with the relationship between the art and the furniture...

Image via Pinterest
As well as helping you create some of that essential negative space in relation to your display..

Image from Refinery
Again, playing with the sizes and layering the art in an artfully casual arrangement defines this look.

Image via A merry mishap

And of course it will save you the job of working out how to hang a particularly big and heavy piece of art on the wall... 
Image via Sarah Sarna

In fact, by leaning particularly big pieces of art from the floor against the wall, lets the artwork play peek-aboo in an intriguing way from behind, say a sofa or an armchair, like in the image above...
Image via Vosges Paris
Of course leaning just one huge piece of art on its own , from the floor makes a huge statement....but I will explore the power of One in my next more on that later!

Maybe the leaning and layering artwork display is not for you, but it cannot be denied that there is a certain appeal about this casual way to personalize your home...
I think the trick to pull this off is to strike a balance between the unexpected casualness of it and not making it look like you're just too lazy to hang up your artwork!
There are no rules, but do try to keep in mind the relationship between the layers of art, your home accessories and your furniture and the space it all sits in!

What do you think?
Are you ready to give leaning and layering your artwork a go??

I can tell you that as my collection of art is growing, this seems to me the most practical solution, without retorting to a selling frenzy on e-bay!