Friday, 20 September 2013

Welcome to the new look Nostalgiecat....

I am back!!

Its been a while...I have had a 3 week break from blogging to focus on redesigning the blog and preparing for another BIG change around her: My new Etsy Shop!
I have been very busy organising things, making things and designing things...
So I am so excited to reveal the fruits of my labour to you all today!
In this post I will talk you through the changes I have made here on the blog, and how to use the new features...
So welcome to the new look Nostalgiecat...I hope you like the new simple, white look blog design, I thought it would look a lot tidier  this way...I have also created a New header banner, which I am not too sure about myself yet...what do you think?

Apart from the aesthetic changes I've made, I've also been working on making Nostalgiecat easier to navigate...I have...with much stress...created a subtle drop down menu under the header banner, so that you can easily find the post you are looking for:
HOME is the blog roll,
 ABOUT is the page where you can learn a little bit about me and what Nostalgiecat is all about....this page also contains all my contact details.
Click on DIY TUTORIALS for a convenient gallery of all my projects, with clickable links to all my DIY tutorials.
The last category on my drop down menu is BLOG POSTS...Click on this to reveal  2 Sub categories:
KIDS CRAFTS will take you to a gallery of all my crafty tutorials suitable for children.
Click on INSPIRATION AND DECOR to reveal 4 more sub-sub categories:
HOME AND GARDEN will take you to a gallery of all my posts about home décor and gardening. 
SEASONAL AND CELEBRATIONS will show you a gallery of my posts about well, seasonal stuff and how we do celebrations around all the major, and some minor holidays etc...
SHOPPING AND INSPIRATION will show you a gallery of my posts about where I find inspiration for my home décor....whether that would be in the shops or just out and about!!
I AM INSPIRED BY...This is a new feature: I am planning on running a post series about people that inspire me: From artists to crafters, makers and designers...Not yet sure how regular these features will be, but I have some very exciting people in mind for these future posts...
You will also notice that when you hover the mouse over my pictures, a pin-it button pops up at the top left corner of the on this to pin it to your pinterest boards...
I have also finally managed to add some social media BUTTONS in my sidebar....So now you are only a click away from my
 Facebook page, where I post regular updates on what's happening here at Nostalgiecat.
You can also follow me on Instagram, where I put up pictures of work-in progress and inspiration + snapshots from our day-to day life...
There is also a button for my Pinterest boards, where you can see where I get a lot of my inspiration for my projects from, and
 My HOMETALK profile, which is a great site full of useful information on anything to do with the home, from DIY and decorating via gardening to cleaning and home organisation.
There is also a button for e-mailing me...

I have become aware that a lot of people are not sure how to follow my blog...
So I have tried to make it easier by creating easily visible buttons for this near the top of my sidebar:
Follow on Bloglovin
First there is the BLOGLOVIN button...this is great for people who follow lots of blogs as they will be notified of any new posts from their favourite blogs in one convenient e-mail...

You can also follow me by entering your e-mail address where it says FOLLOW BY EMAIL .

Or you can subscribe to my blog post by clicking SUBSCRIBE IN READER.
or the

RSS button at the top

.Or you can click on JOIN THIS SITE with google friends and connect to follow me here at Nostalgiecat.
Another new things in my sidebar is a GALLERY of all my DIY that you can easily find the project you want to look at...
Other things you can find in my sidebar is a list of my most POPULAR POSTS, a list of my LABELS (which could also help you navigate the blog), my list of MY FAVOURITE BLOGS...which is a list of the blogs I like to read and would like to recommend for you, MY PROFILE is situated at the top of the sidebar, and you can find a TRANSLATION BUTTON a bit further down. On the left-hand sidebar, all the way down at the bottom of the blog, you can find my BLOG ARCHIVE, which is a chronological list of all my blog posts arranged by date.
Also in my sidebar is my MINI ETSY SHOP... a little gallery of the things that I have for sale at my new Etsy shop: YESTERYEAR DECOR.
Simply click on the images to be redirected to Etsy, where you can purchase any of the items listed...
Over the next couple of weeks I will be playing catch up with my blogposts: I will be posting about Guerrilla embroidery, Painting furniture and making things with cement , as well as a HALLOWEEN INSPIRED DIY TUTORIAL...
I have spent the summer gathering lots of ideas for new projects to do here on Nostalgiecat, so please pop back again soon to check it out!
Glad to be back!