Monday, 17 February 2014

DIY Origami paper lampshade...

Paper Origami lampshades are very fashionable at the moment, but for what they are, they can cost a bomb!
Today I want to show you how YOU can create your very own paper origami lampshade for next to nothing.

Origami is one of those skills that looks more complicated than it really is....which is basically just folding paper. But you can create some stunning effects...and a paper lampshade looks smart and gives a warm glow...

The second most important thing to consider when making an origami lampshade is the paper you use:
You can use any colour paper that suits you, but it needs to be a certain thickness: Between 160-200gsm is ideal, as it will be thin enough to fold neatly, but thick enough to hold its shape.
I am using A3sheets of premium 180gsm artist paper.

The MOST important thing to consider when you make a lampshade out of paper, is safety!
So before I show you how to fold your very own origami lampshade, I am quickly going to show you a simple way to fire-resist your paper: 

Boil up 4-6 cups of water in an old saucepan, and add 2,5 tablespoons of borax per cup of water.
Stir until the borax has completely dissolved to make a saturated solution.

Place your paper in the sink /a large bowl, poor over the solution, and leave to soak for 5-10 minutes:

Carefully lift the paper (it will be quite fragile when wet) out of the solution and blot off any excess liquid. Hang to dry. If your paper has curled up a bit in this process, simply iron flat.

NOTE: Paper can never be fully fire-proof, but this will make the paper fire-resistant (meaning it won't burn without contact with a flame or ignition source).

 Now for the Paper folding!

You will need:

A3 paper
3 sheets of FIRE RESISTANT A3 paper (160-200gsm) 
A ruler
A clean, flat work surface
A hole puncher
A pencil
Clear tape 

The first thing to do, is to draw out THE GRID to guide us when folding the paper.
You can do this on "normal", non-fire resistant paper. as this will be a guide and practice piece only:

On an A3 piece of paper , use a ruler to draw up 9 vertical lines(red) 4 cm apart.
Then draw up the blue and green diagonal lines as in the picture above.


Step 1: Fold the vertical (red) lines all the same way...
Step 2: Turn the paper over, then fold the (green) diagonal lines...all the same way.
Step 3: Don't turn the paper over, and fold the (blue) diagonal lines.

 Next up you have to manipulate the folds into shape....The paper should naturally want to do this! It is quite hard to explain, but please use the pictures below as a guide:

 It is not difficult to do...You should end up with a folded flat shape like this.

Now that you've made up the grid-guide,and had your practise: unfold this piece of paper and lay it flat over one of your  fire resistant papers...

 ...make some small marks with a pencil where the folds should go.
(As you don't want pencil lines on your paper lampshade)


Repeat the folding process described above, using these marks and the edges of the paper as a guide.
Try to be precise when folding and use your fingers to create sharp creases in the paper.
Repeat on all 3 sheets, then manipulate the folds into the shape.

Next: Use the hole-puncher to make holes in the top and bottom inner fold.(See pictures below).


 Make sure the holes are in the same place and line up so that the lampshade will be beautifully symmetrical.

You are now ready to assemble your Origami lampshade:

 Stick the 3 pieces of folded paper together with some clear tape on the inside,
then re-shape your paper shade:

Thread the string through the holes... 

Pull the string tight and tie off the bottom of your paper shade on the inside.
Then thread the top of your shade...

...and pull it tight over your light fitting and tie it off.
All done!

NOTE! Use a low wattage light bulb to further minimize any risk of fire!

I hope this has inspired you to give origami a really is a beautiful art form!
 What do you think of my origami lampshade?

I will be back with a big reveal post on my hallway makeover at the weekend!
So please pop back then!



the cape on the corner said...

that is ridiculously neat looking. can't believe that's a diy.

Brynne Delerson said...

This is amazing! So creative & inspiring - I love it! Pinning!

Trisha D. said...

OMGeee! Soooo pretty!! I've been trying to find an easy way to Knock Off the fancy ones I've seen on Etsy. Thanks for the tutorial!!

june olsen said...

Thanks Trisha, Brynne and the cape on the corner...going to try another shape soon ...thanks for popping by!

Unknown said...

Wow! That's a chic looking lamp. It looks very well made, like something bought from a high-class lamp store. It's perfect for a modern-styled room, with predominantly neutral shades and geometric shapes for decor. I can't wait to try and make one. Thank you for sharing!

Gwendolyn Haynes @ Uttermost Australia

june olsen said...

Thanks Gwendolyn! I adore geometric shapes!Good luck with making your own!!xxJune

tehseen ul hasan said...

so much pretty, fantastic,..i really liked very much.

Unknown said...

It is very useful tips for all.Thank you.Zarah from Bizbilla

june olsen said...

Thank you Zarah! :)

Straykitten said...

Love the light! So elegant. But it still looks a bit too tricky to master for me with my fumblely fingers! Any videos of your doing the folding??

By the way, LED lightbulbs don't heat up - so they're perfect for this type of lampshade. ;)

Thank you so much for posting this great tutorial! :D

Unknown said...

Amazing! Trying it now. Are you sure about the 4 cm??