Thursday 9 April 2015

One Room Challenge

Week 2
moodboard and plan

If you are new here: Hi and welcome to Nostalgiecat !
My name is June and am a Norwegian mum of one living in the UK. I have a passion for Scandinavian and Eclectic interior design and I love finding creative solutions to suit my limited budget and I love making things for the home (Check out my DIY gallery to see some of my projects).

I decided to join the One Room Challenge™ as a linking participant just over 2 weeks ago, as I needed a kick up the backside to redecorate my 5 year old daughter, Mia's room.
If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge, basically it is 20 different handpicked bloggers, from all over the world + Any linking participants, like me, that have challenged themselves  to all makeover a space in 6 short weeks. The idea is that by following along the various makeovers, you can pick up a trick or two to help you redecorate your own home! Please visit Calling it Home for the full lowdown and links to all the fabulously talented interior bloggers taking part and their projects.

Last week me and Mia used pinterest to decide the look she wanted in her new room, and I talked about how to find inspiration and put together the look you want( See the post here!)We also pinpointed some of the more practical things that needed to be considered, such as lack of storage and floor space....and the need for a desk!!

We have spent the last week honing in on the elements she wants in her "new" room, and today I am sharing a moodboard I've put together for the look she wants.
And I have also been working out our plan of action for the makeover, and some practical solutions to the issues in Mia's room.

1: Half moon wallpaper, Ferm Living / 2: Pink Chestnut origami lampshade, Studio Snowpuppe / 3: Black Cat pastel poster, Buul / 4: Ranarp wall/clamp spotlight, IKEA / 5: Gaston wall Bureau, Heals  / 6: Paint colours:Seldom SeenHoney fever, both Crown / 7: Cotton rug, H&M home / 8: Bat felt Storage basket, H&M

 In terms of paint for the walls (6), Mia has had a slight change of heart (It's a girls prerogative, don't you know?!!) and decided she still likes pink...but this time she's chosen a peachy blush pink, and we've decided to pair it  with a lightish grey on the opposing walls with some graphic elements, like in the wallpaper from Ferm living (1) to make it a little less sugary sweet. Now, we can't really afford the wallpaper, so I am going to DIY a similar pattern on the wall....
I'm  going to paint her wooden floorboards white to brighten up the room, like I did for the master bedroom, as this will make a huge difference to the look of the space
 I am also going to make a new origami lampshade for her, similar to the pink one, above.
We really like this wall hanging desk , above (5) as it is the perfect solution to fit into her tiny room.... but as it is way out of our budget and out of stock, I am currently making some plans to DIY something similar...probably not quite as stylish, but never the less practical!
We are going to use one of these rugs (7) that we've already got, but I will treat her to a new task light above her desk, like the one , above (4)  and some new artwork for the walls (3) as well as a funky storage basket(8).

7: House cork notice board, H&M / 8: Star patterned curtain, H&M / 9: Malmo Wooden pastel stool, Domaine / 10: Cloud cushion, Colette Bream /11: Teepee bedding, Ferm Living /12: Mr Cat cushion, Ferm Living / 13: Half moon cylinder cushion, Ferm Living

Mia is keeping her blackboard wall, but I am planning on adding some picture ledges behind the door so she can keep her books there (She's loving books at the moment and her reading is coming on in leaps and bounds #proudmama) . And one of these fun cork notice boards (7) will be great for her to pin up drawings etc.. I will treat her to some new, funky bedding (11) and some new curtains(8) And I am planning on making her some fun new cushions (10,12 and 13) for her bed, so she can use the bed as a sofa during the day. I am also after a stool (9) she can sit on by her new desk, but that can also double up as a bedside table at night.
Luckily the bed she's already got has drawers underneath for storage, but I am also planning on adding some extra storage in the form of a wall cabinet or some clever shelving, as there is limited floorspace available...I am going on a charity shop hunt for something suitable this week....maybe something I can convert or paint? 

As ever we are on a tight budget for this one, so when the DIY shop had a sale on paints over Easter, I jumped to it and got what I needed. It is good to set yourself a budget before starting....then keep to it! If something is out of your price range consider a compromise, and get creative with your solutions, like a DIY!

So now that I know the what we need for Mia's room makeover, I can make a plan of action:

Whenever you are planning on redecorating a space, and you've honed down the practicalities and the look that you want in terms of design, it is very important to make a plan.
Here's a few tips on how to best plan a remodel makeover:

*Get a diary and schedule in what you need to do...DON'T be too ambitious with how much you want to do each day, as that could leave you struggling for motivation should you not get as much done as you planned. 
*Don't forget to schedule in time for shopping for paints etc, and plan ahead what you will need before hitting the stores. 
*Always leave a little extra time at the end of the project to cover any snags or problems you may encounter along the way
See my post HERE for more tips on how to redecorate on a budget
So, here's MY plan for Mia's room makeover:

Find a wall hanging storage solution
Start painting the room
Work out how to DIY a wall hanging desk
NEXT WEEK (week 4 of the ORC)
Finish painting the room
Make the desk
Shop for art, curtains,bedding and task light
Make Origami lampshade
Make cushions
Put everything back in the room ready for the big reveal.

Mia is getting very excited.
It has been so much fun involving her in the design of her new look room: Choosing the colours and accessories together to create a look that is personal to her. And it has taught her that sometimes we cannot get everything we want, that things like lack of space and money calls for some creative solutions: She's even suggested we make some cushions together based on some drawings she's done....Great idea!!
Of course I am handling most of the practical elements of the makeover, and I will be getting on with painting her room whilst she's at her Nanny's over the weekend!
I hope it all runs smoothly...
Wish me luck!


Unknown said...

what a fun space this is going to be!!

Unknown said...

This is so fun!! Mia is a lucky girl (and so cute)!

making it in the mountains said...

SOOOO fun! Dying to see how this all comes together!

Sarah Martin said...

I really love this! I can't wait to see it executed. one of my favorite parts is where you said "we can't really afford the wallpaper" because that is SO real life! I can't wait to see how you do it your own way for a fraction of the cost. Very exciting.

Anonymous said...

Awww It looks like it will be great! I cant wait to see next week and the final review.

Unknown said...

Aww what a cutie pie she is!! I love the colour scheme and the kitties included! This is going to be great :) xxx

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

I love the color palette you and Mia decided on and that light is pretty, excited to see your version of it. Good luck!

Jennifer @ Brave New Home said...

I love all the mints and blushy peaches. And it's so sweet that Mia is involved in the design. Looking forward to next week's installment!

Karolina Barnes said...

I love the mint and pink with the hint of black and white and grey colour palette. I'm designing a baby girl nursery at the moment in similar colour palette! Can't wait to see the progress. It's going to look fab!!

june olsen said...

Thanks for all the love you all!! I'm loving this palette my self...It's really coming on now, and I am itching to start all those finishing touches!

Angela, Blue i Style said...

I just adore decorating kids rooms - though I only have boys, so I can only imagine the fun of designing for a girly {and her opinions} :) I love the plan and can't wait to see it come together!
-Angela, Blue i Style

Kim said...

What a cutie and how I love that she is so involved in the process. One of my favorite things was to work with my girls as they were growing up to create their room ... sometimes it made no sense to me ... but thrilled them to no end!

Unknown said...

I love your design and the fact you are keeping it real. I look forward all your DIY instructions, becuase I love similar style! I´m sure you and Mia are going to love the new room!

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