Saturday, 30 August 2014

Easy wall hanging DIY

Today I am sharing a quick and easy DIY!
Inspired by Jeran from Oleander+Palm's "land of nod" project.

Putting the finishing touches to our new work space in our loft, and introducing a bit of fun an color... this wall hanging being one!!
One of the best ways to add some textures to your walls is to use a wall hanging! I have shown you how to make a Macrame wall hanging  before, and I want to try weaving soon, but if you are after a quick fix, this one is for you: It is so easy, you could even do this with the kids! And it takes less than an hour to make!

All you need is a piece of dowel (I've painted the ends of mine), some wool in the colors of your choice and some scissors!

This is pretty self explanatory, but here's some brief instructions:
Simply measure out how long you want your wall hanging to be, and cut lengths of wool, double that!
Use 4-5 lengths at the time, fold in half and loop around the dowel as shown above.
Repeat with each color as you please, until you're happy with the look of your wall hanging!!

Plait 3 pieces of wool together and tie onto the ends of the dowel so that you can hang it up on the wall... 

Trim the ends with the scissors.

 And there you have it a tactile, simple wall hanging to add some texture to your walls!!

I am planning on doing some other types of wall hangings soon....weaving being one of if you are after something a bit more ahem....complicated(?) then please pop back soon!!